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Last Updated: 14 July 2021

To our valued City Mountaineering community,


For over a year now we have either not been able to offer trips, or we have run trips with reduced capacity.

However, the guidance is about to change, which will bring some changes to our trips and allow more of us to get out of the city and into the mountains!


Covid-19 restrictions summary


From next Monday (19th July) all legal restrictions related to Covid-19 will be lifted


From next Monday (19th July) all areas of Scotland will move to a modifed 'Level 0'.  This means that general restictions will be eased, but:

  • Hospitality is required to close early (although a midnight closure of pubs is late enough :)

  • Group sizes are limited to 10 people from 4 households in public indoor spaces

  • Groups sizes are limited to 15 people in outdoor spaces

  • The requirement to wear a face mask on public transport and in public indoors spaces remains


From Saturday (17th July) up to 6 people from 6 households can meet in holiday accommodation and any amount of people can meet outdoors.

From Saturday 7th August all legal restrictions related to Covid-19 will be lifted


Impact to City Mountaineering adventures

The relaxation of legal restrictions obviously has no negative impact to City Mountaineering trips, but we will continue to monitor the risks associated with Covid-19 propagation on our trips and make any necessary adjustments to control this risk accordingly.

The positive impact is that we are now able to increase capacity back to a maximum of 8 people!  However, we will continue to insist that face masks are worn throughout any journey on trains or in the minibus (this is regardless of the country in which the trip is taking place, or the relaxed rules some countries are taking over others).

Due to the lack of social distancing in the minibus when we increase group sizes to 8, we will now insist on the following evidence to be sent to us 1-day prior to your trip departure date:

  • Evidence of having received two Covid-19 vaccinations (the second dose being received more than 10-days prior to the trip start date), or;

  • Evidence of a lateral flow home test negative result (the test having been taken within 48-hours of the trip start date)


We have added a lot of new trips to the diary over the past week, with many trips already full with 8 people!

Next 6 trips with availability

We know that you’re all itching to get back into the mountains, so here are the next 6 trips in the diary with availability:



Wherever possible we will try to book 'bricks and mortar' accommodation on trips that are not wild camping adventures.  However, with the National Parks and other mountain areas being so popular this year, we are likely to continue staying on campsites (with clean washing, shower and toilet facilities) throughout the summer - the exception is the Expedition Series events, which includes hotel/hostel/bunkhouse accommodation on the first and last night of the trip.

You will be provided with a 1-person tent (larger tents available for couples) and a clean, warm sleeping bag and sleeping mat for the duration of the trip.

Please note that trip descriptions may state hostel/hotel/etc.  However, this may not be the case throughout 2021 and we will not be altering all of the descriptions for this short-term action.

If you've joined us on trips over the past year, you will know that staying on campsites has been a huge success with less rushing to meet our dinner reservations, allowing us spend more time enjoying each others company with a barbecue and a mug of wine as the sun sets.

The New Beginning

Thank you once again for staying so supportive and for following City Mountaineering either through Facebook, Instagram or through our weekly emails.


We work hard in providing the best and most unique mountain experiences for everyone and, without you, we would not exist.  However please remain cautious as restrictions are eased (I really don't want to go into hiding again!)


I wish you and your family and friends good health and I’ll see you in the mountains again very soon




Before any trip takes place

You must provide proof of either:

  • Having received two Covid-19 vaccinations (the second dose being received more than 10-days prior to the trip start date), or;

  • Evidence of a lateral flow home test negative result (the test having been taken within 48-hours of the trip start date)

You must be in good health and must not have had – or come into contact with anyone who has had - any of the following symptoms in the two weeks prior to joining the trip:

- Cough

- High temperature/fever

- Loss of taste and/or smell


- We will check everyone’s temperature on arrival at the meeting point.  Anyone with a high temperature will not be able to board the minibus or attend the trip.

- You will be required to thoroughly clean your hands before boarding the minibus (cleaning gel will be provided by us).

- You will be required to wear a face mask at all times when inside the minibus (you will be expected to bring your own face mask).

- We will not stop at service stations en route unless in an emergency.

Trip Accommodation

- All overnight trips will involve staying on a designated campsite.  1-person tents, warm sleeping bags and sleeping mats will be provided

- All kit will be thoroughly santised between trips


After Every Trip

The minibus and all kit used on a trip will undergo a thorough deep-clean to ensure it is ready for the next group


A WhatsApp group will be setup during/after every trip.  A great way to share your photos with the group, but also to ensure we can notify the group if any post-trip Covid-19 symptoms develop and we have to track and trace group contact.

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