To our valued City Mountaineering community


The rules around Covid-restrictions across the three home nations are as changeable as ever, but we continue to monitor the situation in all areas that we visit (and, of course, the areas that you are coming from) and we thank you for remaining flexible through this time.

If you are registered to join one of our remaining 2020 trips:  Please note that we will soon be in contact with you to explain any regulations/updates that affect your specific trip (please keep an eye on your inbox and reply to us as soon as possible).  However, general updates are as follows:


Covid Rules affecting 2020 Trips


No travel is permitted to Wales until (at least) Monday 9th November.  We have no planned trips to Wales until 2021, so this restriction does not affect any City Mountaineering trip for the remainder of this year


Scotland and England

The following rules/requirements are constant across England and Scotland (exceptions apply for bubbles/relationships/etc):

  • Face masks must be worn in any internal setting (unless eating) - This includes buildings and transport

  • Everyone must maintain a 2m distance from any other person in an outdoor setting

  • If you have had Covid symptoms, or have been in contact with someone with symptoms, within the past 2-weeks, you are required to isolate and you may not join a trip

  • The maximum number of people allowed in a private vehicle at any time is six and, as far is possible, social distancing must be maintained throughout the journey

  • Organised outdoor activities, with groups from multiple households, can take place provided a formal risk assessment is produced and risk mitigation measures implemented


We have 3 more trips planned in Scotland this year as follows:

  • Scramble the north face of Ben Nevis (30 Oct-02 Nov)

  • Scramble the north face of Ben Nevis (19-22 Nov)

  • A Highland Christmas (21-28 Dec)

The rules in Scotland will be updated on Monday 26 October.  however, the current rules that affect us are as follows:

  • The Central Belt (this includes Glasgow) is currently under strict regulations.  However, we are able to continue using Glasgow as the start/end point for the Ben Nevis trips, but you may not enter any shop/cafe/bar etc.

  • People from more than 1 household may not share a bedroom or stay in self-catered accommodation together

  • All restaurants must close by 6pm and no more than two households per table



We have 4 more trips planned in England this year (all in Cumbria/The Lake District)


The rules in England are clearly quite complicated, but I have tried to summarise the impact to trips as follows:

  • Tier-3: It is not advised to enter or leave a tier-3 region (unless essential).  If you are on one of the remaining 2020 City Mountaineering trips and you live in a tier-3 region, please contact us as soon as possible and we can work through options (this includes transferring to another date, or issuing a full refund for that trip).  It is expected that any region issued a tier-3 status will be in that status for at least 28-days.

  • Tier-1/-2: We are currently able to operate from and within tier-2 regions provided that measures are taken to mitigate the risk of spreading Coronavirus.  We have all of these measures in place (full details can be found below at the bottom of this page)

Trip format update

We still remain cautious on all of our trips (pointing a thermometer gun at someone's head the very first time we meet is still taking a little bit of getting used to) and, despite having the "We're Good to Go!" certification, we continue to restrict group sizes to 5 people plus guide.

Please remember that if Coronavirus restrictions force trips to be cancelled, you will be offered a full and immediate refund.  Additionally, if you are due to join a trip but are forced to self-isolate due to travel to/from another country we will transfer you to a future trip of the same value at no additional cost (provided you pre-warn us of your overseas travel arrangements) - This provision will not be offered if we are notified within 1-week of a trip taking place

We continue to restrict group contact with anyone outside of the group and having barbecues and beer/wine has proved way more enjoyable than going to the pub on our 2-day trips.


As the nights draw in and the days get colder we are working hard in finding an alternative solution to camping on our overnight trips.  However, please expect to be camping as a default on all our trips until further notice (attendees of each trip will be notified if the accommodation situation changes) - note: we provide warm sleeping bags, so you don't have to worry about the cold at night.

Latest Trips

The diary continues to be updated with weekend and midweek trips and demand to get out of the city and into the mountains is higher than ever before! - We now only have 3 spaces available across any trips throughout the rest of this year.


However, and as always, if there is a trip that you would like to go on but you can't make the dates that we're running it, let us know and we’ll try to arrange a new date for you (nothing has been scheduled in December, but we can organise this if you wanted a mountain adventure ;)


Back Outside

We are so excited to be back in the mountains again!  Thank you once again for staying so supportive and for following City Mountaineering either through Facebook, Instagram or through our weekly emails.

We work hard in providing the best and most unique mountain experiences for everyone and, without you, we would not exist.

We wish you and your family and friends good health and I’ll see you in the mountains again very soon.

Stu & The Team



Before any trip takes place

You must be in good health and must not have had – or come into contact with anyone who has had - any of the following symptoms in the two weeks prior to joining the trip:

- Cough

- High temperature/fever

- Loss of taste and/or smell


- We will be travelling by minibus for every weekend/day trip until further notice.

- We will check everyone’s temperature on arrival at the meeting point.  Anyone with a high temperature will not be able to board the minibus or attend the trip.

- You will be required to thoroughly clean your hands before boarding the minibus (cleaning gel will be provided by us).

- You will be required to wear a face mask at all times when inside the minibus (you will be expected to bring your own face mask).

- We will not stop at service stations en route unless in an emergency (however, we may stop at lay-bys when off the motorway for comfort breaks).

Trip Accommodation

- We will camp on all overnight trips (we will not be staying in hostel/bunkhouse accommodation unless you are notified otherwise).

- We will be staying on designated campsites with shower and toilet facilities and you will not be required to hike with your camping kit.

- If you are joining a trip on your own you will be allocated your own one-person tent.

- If you are joining a trip as a couple, or as two members of the same household, you will be allocated a three-person tent to be used between the two of you.

- Tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats will be provided if you do not have your own.


After Every Trip

The minibus and all kit used on a trip will undergo a thorough deep-clean to ensure it is ready for the next group


A WhatsApp group will be setup during/after every trip.  A great way to share your photos with the group, but also to ensure we can notify the group if any post-trip Covid-19 symptoms develop and we have to track and trace group contact.




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