Last Updated: 16 March 2021

To our valued City Mountaineering community,


We have remained patient for over two months now, which seems like a lifetime!  We have stayed at home and we have stayed safe.  However, the guidance is about to change, which will allow us to get out of the city and into the mountains very soon!


Covid lockdown summary(Dates stated are the earliest that the new rules will be implemented)


29 March: We are able to meet in groups of up to 6 people, but must remain local to our homes

12 April: England residents are able to travel away from our local areas (but remaining in England and in groups of up to 6 people) for holidays and, most importantly, pub gardens will open! - City Mountaineering trips will recommence in The Lake District on 14th April :)

17 May: Groups of up to 30 people are able to congregate outdoors and we are able to meet in groups of 6 indoors.  Indoor areas of pubs, hotels and hostels are able to open

21 June:  All legal restrictions are lifted


02 April: We are able to meet in groups of up to 4 people, but must remain local to our homes

26 April: We are able to travel away from our local areas (in groups of up to 6 people) for holidays.  Tourist accommodation can open and pubs can serve alcohol outdoors - Meaning that the three Expedition Series events we have planned in May can go ahead!

17 May: Further easing to be announced at a later date


Now: We are able to meet in groups of up to 4 people, but must remain local to our homes

27 March: Wales residents are able to travel away from their local areas but remaining in Wales for [single household] holidays

12 April: Announcement to be made on 01 April could see Wales align directly with England from 12 April - The first City Mountaineering trip planned in Wales is Wild Camping in Snowdonia on 4th June


Impact to City Mountaineering adventures

We had to cancel all April trips in Scotland with full refunds given to those that requested it with everyone else having been given priority to transfer to other trips.

Of course, the government could still extend each of these easing dates, but we have to plan with what we know and will take necessary action if the situation changes.  As always, if you reserve a place on any City Mountaineering trip that is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.


We have added a lot of new trips to the diary over the past week, with many trips already full!

Next 6 trips with availability

We know that you’re all itching to get back into the mountains as soon as possible, so here are the next 6 trips in the diary with availability:


Continuing with smaller groups

Our pre-Covid group sizes were small anyway, but we will continue with groups of just 5 people (plus guide) for the foreseeable future.  We will keep an eye on restrictions and will adjust numbers accordingly but, for now, our small groups are even smaller!


As a result, we expect trips to fill up very quickly, so if you wanted to join any trip, you will need to sign up as soon as possible.  Only payment will secure your place.


To ensure we maintain our faultless record of social distancing on trips, please expect all trips throughout Spring and Summer to be staying on campsites (or similar) - the exception is the Expedition Series events, which includes hotel/hostel/bunkhouse accommodation on the first and last night of the trip.

You will be provided with a 1-person tent (larger tents available for couples) and warm sleeping bag and sleeping mat for the duration of the trip.

Please note that trip descriptions may state hostel/hotel/etc.  However, this may not be the case throughout 2021 and we will not be altering all of the descriptions for this short-term action.

If you joined us on trips between lockdowns in 2020, you will know that staying on campsites was a huge success with less rushing to meet our dinner reservations, allowing us spend more time enjoying each others company with a barbecue and a mug of wine as the sun sets.

The New Beginning

We are so excited about starting up again!  Thank you once again for staying so supportive and for following City Mountaineering either through Facebook, Instagram or through our weekly emails.


We work hard in providing the best and most unique mountain experiences for everyone and, without you, we would not exist.


I wish you and your family and friends good health and I’ll see you in the mountains again very soon




Before any trip takes place

You must be in good health and must not have had – or come into contact with anyone who has had - any of the following symptoms in the two weeks prior to joining the trip:

- Cough

- High temperature/fever

- Loss of taste and/or smell


- We will check everyone’s temperature on arrival at the meeting point.  Anyone with a high temperature will not be able to board the minibus or attend the trip.

- You will be required to thoroughly clean your hands before boarding the minibus (cleaning gel will be provided by us).

- You will be required to wear a face mask at all times when inside the minibus (you will be expected to bring your own face mask).

- We will not stop at service stations en route unless in an emergency.

Trip Accommodation

- All overnight trips will involve staying on a designated campsite.  1-person tents, warm sleeping bags and sleeping mats will be provided

- All kit will be thoroughly santised between trips


After Every Trip

The minibus and all kit used on a trip will undergo a thorough deep-clean to ensure it is ready for the next group


A WhatsApp group will be setup during/after every trip.  A great way to share your photos with the group, but also to ensure we can notify the group if any post-trip Covid-19 symptoms develop and we have to track and trace group contact.