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Winter hiking in The UK


Visiting the mountains should not be limited to the summer months.  Why not join us on a winter trip to experience the wonderful UK mountains with their pure white jackets of snow?


One of the greatest things about hiking in the winter mountains is that not many people do it.  So we usually get the entire mountain to ourselves!


Then, of course, there is the evening in the pub, sat next to a warm fire, comparing photos taken earlier that day - which will always be great photos because the low winter light creates that perfect hue for photographers.


We have picked the best areas, the most rewarding hikes and we travel to the most remote areas that the UK has to offer, in all mountainous areas of The UK.

With such a variety of options, every trip is different and the chosen routes will depend on the group and the weather.  We will journey through the lesser hiked, but no less spectacular areas of The UK

We will hike off track to avoid the crowds and to truly explore the UK Wilderness in full winter conditions.


You don't need to have any prior experience of remote hiking and the small group size will enable us to give you our full attention throughout the trip, ensuring your safety and enjoyment is our number one priority.



Cost of trips includes:


- Return travel from London*

- Logistical support and transfers

- Accommodation

- All food (except pub dinners)

- Use of all necessary technical kit (e.g. Ice Axe, Crampons, Helmets)

- Guided hiking by an highly experienced and qualified winter mountain leader

*exceptions apply

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