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Meet the Leaders:

Name: Beinn (the Springer Spaniel)

Mountain Experience: 0yrs

Where did you grow up?: Somerset

Current Home City: Wherever Stu is

Favourite Mountain: I'm not allowed on the mountains yet

Favourite food to pack in your rucksack: Peanut butter

Favourite National Park: I've only been to The Lake District


Q. How did you become interested in the outdoors?

A. I'm a dog


Q. What is one lesson the mountains have taught you?

A. Putting up tents is a fun game


Q. Other than boots, if you had unlimited money to spend on one piece of kit, what would it be?

A.  Dog treats


Q. What is one thing you pack in your rucksack, whatever the season and whatever the weather?

A.  Stu insists on poo bags


Q. What advice would you give to someone going out into the mountains for the first time?

A.  Go as fast as you can for the first 10 minutes, then get tired and grumpy


Q. What is your favourite season to be out in the mountains and why? 

A.  I was born in summer.  I don't know any other season.


Q. Name three mountains on your bucket list.

1. Beinn Dearg

2. Beinn Narnain

3. Beinn Liath Mor (outside my friend Shadow's house)


Q. What do you do like to do keep fit when you’re not in the mountains?

A. I run until I cant run any more.  Then I chew anything and everything


Q. If you could go anywhere in the world that you hadn’t been, where would it be?

A. I want to climb every mountain called Beinn


Q. What is your favourite mountain/expedition/adventure book? (fiction/non-fiction)

A. I'm a 3-month old dog!


Q. What is your favourite City Mountaineering memory?

A. I'll let you know when I'm allowed to join a trip

Stuart Shipp

Founder, City Mountaineering

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