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Climb Aconcagua - 23 Nov 2025

Climb Aconcagua - 23 Nov 2025


23 November-13 December 2025


£7,950 (£500 deposit required to reserve your place)


At 6,960m, The summit of Aconcagua is the highest point outside of The Himalaya and is well known as the highest trekking peak in the world!


Pay your deposit now to reserve your space!

  • Sunday 26 November - Meet at Heathrow and fly to Mendoza, Argentina

    Monday 27 November - Met at the airport and transferred to our hotel. Kit check and a chance to buy any forgotten items.  We'll also have assistance with any currency exchnage in Mendoza

    Tuesday 28 November - Transfer from Mendoza to Penitentes

    After collecting climbing permits from the government office, wew ill be transferred to our next hotel in Pentitentes (twin rooms), close to the start of the trail to base camp.

    Wednesday 29 November - Hike day 1 - Penitentes to Confluencia Camp

    After a short trasnfer to Horcones, we will begin our hike from the head of the trail to Confluencia Camp, where we will be based for 2-nights

    Thursday 30 November - Hike day 2 - Visit the South Face of Aconcagua!

    We will take an acclimatisation hike to Plaza Francia and the impressive huge south face of Aconcagua.  We will then return to camp for a second night.

    Friday 01 December - Hike day 3 - Confluencia Camp to Plaza de Mulas

    After a hearty breakfast we will beging the long walk up the hugely impressive Horcones Valley.  This 8-10 hour hike will take us to our base camp at Plaza de Mulas where we can begin to think about acclimatisation rotations and the summit itself!

    Saturday 02 December - Hike day 4 - Acclimatisation Day

    We will head out on a short day trek to a local summit above base camp (specific summit to be determined based on local weather and ground conditions)

    Sunday 03 December - Hike day 5 - Rest Day

    Today will be about chilling at base camp.  Rest and refuel for the following days to higher camps.  Perhaps you could take the opportunity to visit the highest contempary art gallery in the world!

    Monday 04 December - Hike day 6 - Plaza de Mulas to Camp Canada (Camp 1)

    Today we will begin our first acclimatisation rotation by hiking up to Camp 1.  We will be carrying heavier packs today as we transport essential kit up the mountain in preparation for the summit attempt

    Tuesday 05 December - Hike day 7 - Camp Canada to Nido de Condores (Camp 2) and back to Plaza de Mulas

    We will hike c.4hrs further up the mountain to aid acclimatisation and to transport kit to camp 2.  After a rest at camp 2, we will return all the way back to the thicker air at Base Camp

    Wednesday 06 December - Hike day 8 - Rest Day

    This day will be used to allow the body to recuperate after 2 days of tough ascent to higher altitudes.  Bring a book :)

    Thursday 07 December - Hike day 9 - Plaza de Mulas to Nido de Condores (Camp 2)

    We will depart Base Camp to begin our ascent to the summit of South America! Arriving at Camp 2 we will pitch the tents and rest for the night (enjoying one of the most spectacular sunsets you will ever see!)

    Friday 08 December - Hike day 10 - Nido de Condores to Camp Colera (Camp 3)

    We will break camp and continue on our progress up the mountain to Camp 3.  After pitching the tents and having dinner, we will have an early night to rest before the summit attempt.

    Saturday 09 December - Hike day 11 - Summit day!

    Getting up early, we will have a light breakfast before heading up until the light of our headtorches.  This long day will see us reach 6,960m and the summit of Aconcagua!

    We will then return to Camp 3 for a well earned rest.

    Sunday 10 December - Hike day 12 - Colera Camp to Plaza de Mulas

    After breaking camp we will descend all the way back down to Base Camp where we will have a celebratory meal (and maybe beers ;)

    Monday 11 December - Hike day 13 - Contingency Day 1

    This day is reserved in case of bad weather or if extra acclimatisation is required before attempting to reach the summit

    Tuesday 12 December - Hike day 14 - Contingency Day 2

    This is the second day reserved in case of bad weather or if extra acclimatisation is required before attempting to reach the summit

    Wednesday 13 December - Hike day 15 - Plaza de Mulas to Penitentes and teansfer to Mendoza

    A very long day of hiking back down the Horcones Valley and to our transfer vehicle back to civilisation in Mendoza.  Steak and Malbec dinner perhaps ;)

    Thursday 14 December - Celeration dinner in Mendoza

    Our local mountain guide will take us to the best places in Mendoza with perhaps a celebration barbecue at his house!

    Friday 15 December - Transfer to airport

    We will check out of the hotel and be transferred to the airport for our departure from Argentina and back home.

    Saturday 16 December - Arrive Home

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