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Feel Alive!

“Mountains, like men, have their history. They too are born, grow old, decay and die. ‘Do they also love?’ A character from Mosca might ask. No, of course they don’t love. But they are loved, and with what love!”

- Felice Benuzzi, No Picnic on Mount Kenya


Scrambling/Hiking Weekend in Snowdonia

This was my second time out with Stuart and a group to Snowdonia and was it fantastic! Though this time it was intense and not “in-tents”.

Here’s a picture I took of what happens when three Brits, one Ukrainian, one Australian, and one American get together—a whole bunch of mountain climbing! This trip we scrambled up the mountain Tryfan and Mount Snowdon.

We drove out Friday morning and stayed in a bunk-house for the night. Saturday morning we hiked out to face Tryfan.

As we started out and starting going up I was worried I was a little out of shape from traveling (all that paella in Spain, ya know?). However, we stopped and took some layers off which made it better and then as we kept going it became more and more scrambling.

Scrambling is a mix of hiking and rock climbing. Tryfan had plenty of hand-holds and made hiking easier because you’re so focused on what your doing. It was crazy fun!

Once we got to this point, not the peak but close, Tarryn (the woman pictured above) and I looked at each other with our big grins and started talking about how we felt pure joy emanating from us.

Scrambling is now on our list of things to do more often! Scrambling makes you look at the mountain like a puzzle and you have to fit every piece together.

I was thankful I went outdoor rock climbing with Stuart months before because it helped me attune my mind to see the best path.

We got to the top and met a dog that was terrified from its first mountain adventure, took some photos, and ate out sandwiches in the cold and the first snow for the mountain.

We hiked down a different path passing a small wall of stones.

Once we got back to where we were staying next to the mountain, we drank tea, warmed up, and took showers.

Due to us finishing the hike so early we decided to head to a local Welsh pub for drinks and food. We got there a little early for dinner, but enjoyed conversations and good food (after a few hours).


Change of plan

We decided to switch our plan of scrambling the next day because a woman on the trip had broken her arm a few months ago and didn’t want to put more pressure on it by scrambling again.

We decided to hike Snowdon! We woke up early the next day and drove to Snowdon.

As we got higher and higher it went from rain, to hail, to snow. The weather was intense with some strong winds at points, but it was very beautiful and not as crowded due to this!

We climbed higher and higher jumping over rocks and puddles. The autumnal shifted mountains changed to a white blank slate.

This was right before we lost more of our visibility and my photos become mostly all white.

We climbed along a ridgeline. I wasn’t raised in snow and therefore don’t feel as comfortable. When we were on the ridgeline at points I had to push through some fear of slipping and kept reminding myself just to keep breathing and climbing.

You can either live in fear or love in life—it’s your decision, but I’d say, just climb the goddamn mountain! :)

We ate lunch briefly at the top under our emergency shelter (for protection from the snow). We then went up to the tip of the summit and then quickly headed down.

We ended at a town in Wales where we drank tea, warmed/dried up with the fire, and met some eccentric Welsh people, while Stuart went to go get our van.

We left to head back to London in great time Sunday night.

Overall his trip was very different from the last, but very exciting and challenging. I feel as if I not only learn so much about hiking and nature (e.g. Wales used to be taller than the Himalayas a long time ago!), but furthermore I learn so much about myself and what I am capable when I push past my mind.

I would seriously suggest going on these trips. A little struggling never hurt anybody. Wait, that’s not true. It hurts a lot, but you’ll never feel more alive!


We will be returning to the mighty Tryfan in October! - If you want to join us, check out the trip here

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