Winter Hiking in Scottish Highlands - 21 March

Winter Hiking in Scottish Highlands - 21 March


21-26 March 2021


Let's explore the Scottish Highlands in their full winter glory!


The specific itinerary for this trip will be determined when weather and ground conditions are known but, we will essentially meet at Inverness airport and drive to the best conditions at that time (For those that follow City Mountaineering on Instagram (, this will be more akin to the weekday hikes we do in our spare time - Chase the best weather for the best days out!)


No prior winter mountaineering experience is required and full instruction will be provided on the use of the equipment and the skills required to keep safe in the winter environment


whether you are new to winter mountaineering, or just want to get away for the week, this trip will cover everything you need to get your winter mountaineering fix and full instruction will be provided in order to stay as safe as possible in the mountains

Covered on the trip will include:

- General Safety (pre-trip planning, in-trip planning and risk mitigating)

- Weather awareness

- Avalanche awareness

- Winter navigation

- Safe use of crampons and ice axe

- Movement techniques on snow and ice

- Ice Axe arrest (the use of you ice axe if you were to fall and slide down a slope - don't worry, this is done in a safe area and is a lot of fun!

- Constructing and using show anchors

- Building an emergency shelter in the snow

- Building (and sleeping in) a snow hole

- Ascend 3-7 Munros (Scottich mountains) in full winter conditions

  • Sunday (from 9pm) - Meet at Inverness airport and drive to our accommodation in the Scottish Highlands for a trip briefing - hostel accommodation

    Monday - A journey through the winter wonderland to practice/learn winter hiking skills (appropriate and safe use of ice axe and crampons) while reaching the summit of a local mountain. We will then check the weather to determine where we go and what we climb next!

    Tuesday-Friday - Climb another mountain. Check weather. Relocate if required. Repeat!

    Friday - After the hike, we will make our way to Glasgow for a 4pm return home




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