Base Camp Series: Isle of Skye - 13 May

Base Camp Series: Isle of Skye - 13 May


*13-18 May 2021


Hike into the middle of the mountains, set up camp and start exploring!


Our Base Camp Series offers you the chance to experience camp life and to explore remote mountain areas that would be hard to reach in a day or a weekend. 


The exact location of the base camp will be determined by the weather and conditions but on this trip we'll be heading deep into the Isle of Skye's Cuillin mountains. 


The Isle of Skye is truly one of the UK's most beautiful, unique and wild landscapes and on this trip you'll have the chance to really immerse yourself in it. Both the white-tailed sea eagle and the golden eagle are common sights in the island's skies and its one of the best places in the UK to see otters. 


You'll start the trip by boarding a boat that'll take you right into the wild heart of the island. You'll then hike in deeper still before setting up camp. Home for the next three days and two nights!


From the base camp you'll be able to explore the lesser known parts of the mountain range, travelling light as you leave what you don't need at camp. Each evening will be spent dining al fresco as the sun goes down, sharing a drop of wine or a dram of whiksy with your camp mates. 


*We will be running a Base Camp Series trip on these dates. However, this is a great trip for a group of friends and so if you'd like a bespoke trip with dates that suit you, just get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange it!  

  • Please note that the exact itinerary/camp location will be dependent on the local weather and ground conditions. The six-day trip builds in contingency days and allows us to be flexible with camp locations. Below is an example itinerary:

    Thursday: You will be met at Inverness train station/airport by your guide. You'll then be driven to that night's accomodation where you can check in before heading out for dinner.

    Friday: You'll board a local fishing boat into the heart of the Cuillins before hiking further in to the mountains where we'll set up base camp. We'll be carrying all our kit in but the pace will be relaxed and there'll be plenty of chances to stop and take in the breathtaking scenery.

    One we've set up camp, we'll relax as we eat dinner, sip some wine and bask in the wildness of it all before retiring to the warmth of our sleeping bags.

    Saturday: There'll be time for a relaxed breakfast before leaving camp to head out on a day hike and scramble up a nearby mountain with a traverse on a section of the mighty Cuillin Ridge!

    Having a base camp means we can travel light, carrying only what we need for that day, and our remote camp will give us a chance to explore the less well-known and rarely climbed peaks.

    It'll be back to base camp in the late afternoon for a cup of tea and a chance to relax around camp and take in the surroundings, keeping our eyes peeled for sea eagles soaring above and otters playing in the lochs. 

    Sunday: The journey back to civilisation. After having breakfast and coffee and packing up camp, we'll hike out of the wilderness (taking a different route to the one we hike in on), scrambling around the rocky coastline and back to our waiting transport. 

    There'll be a chance to shower at that night's accomodation before celebrating our return from the wild with dinner at a local traditional pub.

    Monday: A chance for another guided day hike and scramble to the summit nother of the Cuillin Mountain peaks.

    Tuesday: You'll be driven back to the train station/airport to begin your journey back home. If there's time, we may even stop a local distillery on our for a quick tour and chance to buy some souvenirs.




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